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Can't delete not it is displayed in gray

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Trouble deleting certain notes within Evernote. When I try to delete certain notes It displays in gray and I get 3 bullets.  When clicked I do not have the option to delete the note. The note is displayed in gray and the delete option is not available. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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I apologize I am not to tech savvy. Yes, I use the basic version for many years and I use it on an Iphone. I have not had any issues until recently. I am not able to delete certain notes within Evernote as the delete option displays but is not clickable. When I scroll from right to left within the note to see the options. They are displaying in a gray color with no red delete note option behind . Where as the notes that are still acting normal and that are deletable are displayed in gray for options and then red when swiping right to left to delete. My notes are compiling quickly and I need to delete them. All the newer notes are acting normal and allowing me the option to delete. I am not sure what EN is but I hope I helped clarify somewhat. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Did these notes come from the server by a sync, or were they created on the iPhone ? If they were created there, was this before you (probably) upgraded to v10, or after ?

Do you use the web client (browser version of EN) ? If yes, you could check if these notes are there as well, which means they were synced to the EN server.

If not, are you already using the 2 devices allowed for Basic ? And are the undetectable notes on the other device (what sort of device / client ?) as well ?

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