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Cannot copy images out of a note on iOS for version 10.3.7

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I just upgraded to the latest evernote on my Mac v10.3.7.

I have notes with images in them. When I select the text and images, only the text is copied.

In the previous version, both the text and image copied.

How do I fix this bug?



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You can’t fix it. It is part of v10, so it will prevail until EN releases something with a fix.

To work around, you can select the picture and save it to a folder outside of EN. Then proceed from this copy through the Finder. Not elegant, but currently the only way.

Else install the legacy client, and wait until EN has gone through more release cycles of v10.

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I'm experiencing a similar issue on macOS (not iOS):
  • macOS Catalina 10.15.7
  • Evernote v 10.4.4 build 2096
    • Editor: v 112.1.14477
    • Service: v 1.23.6
The workaround is to right-click the image and choose Save As, then copy from Preview or any other image app, then copy-paste from there, but I'm noticing another issue:
Images retain their extensions if they are saved to Evernote post-update (in this case .png):


But images saved to Evernote prior to the latest update just uses an extension-less "Untitled" as the name, in which I'd have to go into Finder and rename it to "Untitled.png" to have to open in Preview:


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