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Word count seems to be missing



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2 hours ago, danielle_r said:

I used the word count feature (in status bar) a lot but now I can't seem to find it. Please restore, it is vital for writing drafts in Evernote. Thanks, Danielle.

It's still in the note information window which can be opened quickly with ctrl-shift-I if that helps.

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I am also facing the same issue. I'm using Evernote for exam preparation in which 'word limit' matters. I will like to request Evernote to kindly resolve this issue and bring that feature back (view menu -> status bar containing word limit information). That was a really handy feature for those who used it.

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Can I also add my support for adding the word count back in to the Windows app. It is only today when I installed the latest version of the Windows app on to a new laptop that I found it no longer existed. I know it can be accessed from the menu but when I am writing copy that needs to be a certain length it is much easier to be able to glance at it at the bottom of the note in a status bar, rather than having to enter a shortcut or go to a menu. I prefer to write draft copy in Evernote but this is going to force me to use Microsoft Word more often as at least there the word count is always visible on screen which saves me a lot of hassle.

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