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NEW Notes Not Associating and Appearing According to Assigned Tags

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Hi.  Just to be clear - you create a new note and add tags,  but when you then view the completed notes,  no tags are visible?  Could you set up a test note with some random tags and provide a screen shot?

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I believe this is the same situation I'm encountering. 

Whereas, I just upgraded to version 10.37. And when I tag notes now, they show up in the Tags overview, but when I click on that specific tag, they don't show up in the actual index of notes tagged as such.

For example, if you look at the below, I use a tag called "1-Now".  And if I click on Tags in the sidebar, it shows that there are 7 notes that use that tag. But when I click on 1-Now, it only presents 4 of those 7 notes to me. And those 4 notes are "grandfathered in" from pre-download. Whereas the newly tagged 3 notes are not visible.

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 5.12.53 PM.png

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I was just searching for a similar issue. I'm assuming this is the same as I'm experiencing?

Basically, I have just created a note with a particular tag, then if I filter by tag, the note never shows up along with the others I have created previously (older notes were with the older Evernote 6.x). I also have a saved search set up with the same tag, and it doesn't appear there either.

Windows 10
v 10.3.7 build 0 public
Editor: v111.0.14414
Service: v1.22.6

Just tried the same on my Mac, with the same issues.

MacOS 11.0.1 (Big Sur)
v 10.0.10 build 458340 public
Editor: v107.3.13847
Service: v1.20.21

Hope this info helps.


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It appears I am having the same issue as TNASEEM. New notes I now create and then tag, do not show up when filtering by the assigned tag. The notes are in the assigned Notebook and do show the tag assigned, but do not show up when filtering by tag. This was not occurring prior to the the 10.3.7 release.   

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How long are you leaving it between adding the tag and searching or filtering for it? As all search is now done on the server and not locally it takes a few minutes for changes in notes to be searchable. If you go back now are the notes found?  This is a major change in the way EN works and makes it unusable if you have a use case which demands immediately being able to find changes (e.g both adding or removing tags) immediately.

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