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(Archived) Tags: Cloud View?

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I'd like to display tags in a cloud view, i.e. all tags on a single page, with tag text size that scales based on use (tag assigned to 20 notes is larger than a tag assigned to 10 notes). Clicking on a tag would recreate the cloud, and eliminate all tags not used in conjunction with the selected tag. Further sorting/filtering would continue as tags were clicked, allowing one to filter very effectively.

Is this possible in Evernote?

Perhaps this is not feasible (or necessary?) with hierarchical tags? I can't help but think that it has some value.

It's difficult for me to escape the urge to structure hierarchically, but the tag cloud display method would certainly help. There's no doubt that tags, if implemented properly, can be a more convenient, and faster, method of organization than an hierarchical structure, but w/o cloud filtering/sorting, I think it's value is limited.

Thanks for your help.

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I could not agree with you more. This was discussed at length here. I can only hope this ends up in the new release of the Mac client towards the end of the year. They are working on reorganizing the sidebar. The flat list of tags they are using now is quite primitive, and extremely difficult to navigate with a long list of tags.

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