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Everytime I close and open Evernote I need to login

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@Joostvds Thank you for letting me know.

I've been unable to replicate this issue.

Does this occur every single time you close Evernote?

Could you possibly share a screen recording?


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Hi, sorry I did some testing and it is not when Evernote is closed and reopened. It is when the computer is rebooted. Still not a pleasant way of working. Is this who it is designed? And is this an apple setting of a evernote setting? If it is an apple thing, is it possible to chang my account to google or e-mail login?

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I have this same issue, but it is with the web clipper. I open google chrome and sign into my Evernote account. When I find something I want to clip, I right click, choose bookmark and it takes me to the sign in page. I click "sign on" and it takes me to save. Even though I'm still signed on, I have to do this every time. By the way, my replies come in Spanish. I speak very little Spanish. Please send in English. image.thumb.png.5a03a596d64cbce4205aacab7ee538bd.png

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