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What a disappointment!

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Having been an Evernote Premium user for over 10 years, I have relied on Evernote for almost all of my record keeping, planning and just a lot of work in general. I use Evernote every day, some times up to 6 hours. For over a year, I have had  problems with Evernote Windows hanging for minutes. No help or improvement from Support.

Problems have been increasing and I get that as I am a part of the Beta program.

But now, I upgraded to the latest Evernote Windows and there are no notes showing. I still have access on android, IOS and Web, but nothing on Windows. However, I now have 56 notes in my In Box Notebook where previously there were 6. Some of these notes are 5 years old!

I reported the problem and I received an automated response that typical response times are running 10 - 12+ days? This is unacceptable.

I have been avoiding moving away from Evernote, but i really have to wonder why now!

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