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Since Big Sur upgrade cannot capture selection

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Hi Evernote Staff. As I can not do the Capture Screen Selection, I will try to describe the steps.

I have a Mac air , IOS Catalina 10.15.17 updated . With the evernote in use . Using Chrome as browser , I clck the elephant in the bar (not the Clipper elephant icone). And then shows the Draft note with three icones in the botton - Capture Screen , Capture window anda Capture selection.

The Capture Screen is working , but the screen shot archive is being generated in the IOS Desk 2 .

The Capture window , I did not know what is happening

The Capture Selection - IS THE ONE I AM MORE CONCERNED , because I use daily , until these version , at soon as you click the icone to capture selection , the cursor change to a cross vertical horizontal than you define the selection.

The cursor is not changing, and I dont know how to select the area to copy.

Hope you understand , and I am willing to get a solution . 


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I have the exact same issue, and like Augustomello, I use the Capture Selection feature daily (many time per day). It's such an engrained part of my workflow I'd really love to know when this is resolved!

I'm running the brand new 2020 M1 Macbook Pro on Big Sur. Having all sorts of bugs with different softwares that I use, but this one's an especially big interruption :/ 

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In general the AppStore version (although it is exactly the same software) can cause all sort of trouble. The reason is it is executed in a sandboxed mode, which may interfere with the desired action. To avoid it it is the direct install from the website one should use.

Thanks  @VMDR to remind us about this problem.

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On 11/28/2020 at 3:49 AM, Shamus said:

I noted this problem earlier in this thread but have since re-installed Evernote on my iMac and the problem has resolved itself, if you haven't done that yet its worth a try. I'm now running Big Sur 11.0.1 and Evernote 10.4.3

Uninstalled 10.8.4 from Big Sur. 

Downloaded from website and now its working. 


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