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Notes have disappeared after update to v 10.3.7

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I've just updated my Windows app for Evernote, after being prompted to do this in-app, but all of my notes have now disappeared. I cannot access my notes via the new app or via Evernote Web - it is just showing the initial 'sample' and 'first' notebooks with none of my notebooks or notes.

I synced and checked that the notes had synced across to my phone before updating. I can still see my notebooks and notes in the Android app on my phone but can no longer access them via Evernote Web or through the Windows app. How do I get my notes back?

I have tried restarting my laptop but this made no difference. One potentially important point is that my phone shows me as logged in with my google account, whereas Evernote Web and the Windows app show me logged in with a different email address. When I try and log in via Google on the web or on Windows, it brings me to the Evernote account of other email address. I believe that I've linked my Evernote to both email addresses in the past (created it with the other email and later linked it to my Google account to use it on my phone). I am wondering if this could be the cause of the issue - i.e. I've somehow ended up with two evernote accounts but can only log in to one of them?

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