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Not possible to create .wav files any more?


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I"m running 10.3.7 and it appears I can no longer create .wav files. Certainly the capability is missing from EN Helper and I don't any way to do it any longer in the desktop version.

Please tell me I'm missing something and this invaluable feature hasn't gone away. I like to speak content and be able to have it saved as a .wav file.



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59 minutes ago, lometogo said:

I"m running 10.3.7 and it appears I can no longer create .wav files.

From the release notes at https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/130717-evernote-for-windows-103-updated/#elControls_588008_menu

Coming soon:

  • Quickly search and move to different note using a keyboard shortcut (Mac - CMD+J, Windows - Ctrl+Q)
  • Create new audio recordings and playback audio files
  • Top list view (the same condensed view as side-list, but the list is on top)
  • Dragging and dropping note links directly into your note
  • Global keyboard shortcuts
  • Additional export options


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