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Missing images in hundreds of notes on desktop client, but web notes are fine

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Going back through my history of notes, I notice that many images are missing from my notes, especially where I captured an article online or a web page. These images are still present when I look at my account online in the browser. Of course I keep clicking the sync button, but it only spins for a few seconds and then thinks it's done. I have all my notes, going back to 2012. But like I said images are missing from many of them. It's inconsistent, so it's not all of them. And I'm not sure when this started. I did recently update, but not sure if it's related. Is there some way to force-sync a single note or something? Can anyone help? Thanks! 

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On the legacy Mac client: To provoke a force sync, press shift and opt/alt at the same time, hold them and click on the sync wheel.

Depending on the size of your database and your internet connection it may take a while to execute. Technically you can work, but when I do it, I leave the Mac run for himself until ready.

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Thanks so much, @PinkElephant! I did try this and let it run for a very long time. It did not seem to resolve the problem. It's so inconsistent I'm not sure what to think happened. I wonder if it's worth putting in a ticket with an example? I can see the images in the browser version, just not on my laptop. Can I ask, you said "legacy Mac client." What did you mean by that? Maybe I have missed an update or is the client going away?

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Images are back now, or still missing ?

If the server data is intact, and the local copy is not, the next step would be this:

  1. Sync for a last time. If you have any local notebooks (those not synced to the server), make sure you have a backup.
  2. Delete the EN app on the Mac. Use an app like AppCleaner, and make sure you click every piece of software and data that is shown in the delete-window. This will completely remove EN.
  3. Get the legacy download from the EN web site (   https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314 ). Install it.
  4. When installed, log into your account. Now a complete download from the server will start, which reinstalls the local database. Wait until it closes.
  5. If you had any, play back the local notebook from the backup.

The difference is that before you tried to repair the missing data. Here you completely replace it.

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