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Evernote version 10.3.7 2018 public, Windows 10

I opened Evernote, created a new note, wrote a bunch of things in it, clicked on another notebook in the notebook list of the left panel.

Then I went back to the notebook that should contain the note I just created and found out the note was not there. It had not been saved. I saw that the title of the note still appeared in the "recent notes" list so I clicked on it. And it opened a completely blank note. Even the title which appeared in the list was empty.

Please make reliable auto-save a feature of Evernote v10. It is rather essential.


Edit : I realized that the note appeared in the original notebook a few minutes later, so it was saved but hidden for some reason. But I ended up also having another note with a title that does not appear in the note itself. Not sure how this should even be possible.


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