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I'm not sure how to proceed with version 10.  On one hand I should use it to find issues that are important to me and report on the problems that I have.  On the other hand it is so much more difficult to use than the legacy version.  I get extremely frustrated using it.  Some of these may be just user errors on my part, but I just want to use the application as I did without having to browse forums to figure out how to do things.

1. After highlighting a notebook, the frame which gives the note name, title, etc. is much harder to read than the previous versions.  The font is definitely lighter, but also may be smaller.  

2.  On the legacy version you have a line of text, a blank line, then the next line.  10 seems to have 2 blank lines .  The listing has so much empty space which again makes it harder to read.

3.  In search results clicking on column sorts the field.  Doesn't seem to work intermittantly in 10.

4.  The feature I use most, link to external source, was removed from the note header.  Now I have to hit a key combination to get to a page which has the link.

5.  I guess I don't  know how to search.  I highlight a notebook, do a search, and get results from all notebooks, not the one selected.  It wouldn't be so bad if you could sort the results by notebook, but due to (3) can't do that.

6. The toolkit line needs to be configurable.  The only things I use are text formatting and insert a file.  All of the other things like x2 are just noise that makes it harder to use.  Same thing for the insert menu.  Divider?  Checkbox?  These are very specific things.  Great to support them, but now attachment is that much harder to find.

I know a lot of work is going into features that improve the editing experience.  I just wish that this wasn't at the expense of basic operations which are so much harder.

Creating some screen shots to show the text problems I found another issue.  I can't shrink V10 search results frame to the same size:



For some reason these screen shots are not what I am seeing on my screen.  The text for both is much darker and larger for some reason.

Although this isn't the right forum, the IOS app now in some cases is also unusable.  If I have a note that is larger than the page I can't scroll down.  Well, I can scroll, but as soon as I take my finger off the screen it scrolls back to the top of the page.  I have to scroll and not remove my finger to hold it in position, but this only works for short notes.  Again something changed which makes the IOS app very difficult to use.


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My solution at this point is to stay on 6.25 on Windows until EN gets V10 sorted.  No upside other than pain with V10.  Same can be done with the last Mac version.  Unfortunately we can’t do anything about the  IOS version once it has been updated. 

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