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(Archived) Car Home Integration


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Bottom line up front (BLUF): It would be great to have a "Voice note" button that integrates with the Car Home application.

Google recently released an updated Car Home application for users to have a simple interface when driving. I mainly use it for Google Listen and direct dialing. Yesterday I needed to record a note while driving and realized that evernote would be great as a car app. The problem is that all I can add to the Car Home application is the main Icon. So recording a Voice Note is a several step process:

1. launch evernote

2. click new note

3. touch (very small) mic icon

4. click "save" when done recording

What I would like is a button to add to the Car Home app that worked like the Voice Note button on the widget. Then I could push one button, record the note, and then hit save. That would be much easier, and safer. I know one of the featues in the updated Car Home is the ability for apps to register themselves as "Car Applications". I'm assuming that would allow you to know that Evernote is being launched from Car Home and function accordingly.

Here is the blog post about the updated Car Home app.

http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2010/1 ... sonal.html

And here are the dev docs about integrating into the Car Home application.

http://developer.android.com/reference/ ... nager.html



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