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Notes - Lost Content Since Update

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Anyone else having this issue?

I have created several text notes over the last 2 days and they are either totally missing OR the "untitled" note is there with no content. 
The last successful (saved) note I created is on Nov 11. Yesterday, Nov 12 I created a note that didn't save so I recreated it the same day. Today I opened Evernote and the note was there but it was "untitled" with no content. I thought I'd done something wrong. I created a new note and worked for hours on it. I had to close evernote to restart my computer (unrelated to evernote) and when I opened evernote again my work was gone - just the blank "untitled" note. I then created a test note this afternoon (11/13) and closed evernote (the note said it was saved) and it's now totally gone, not even a blank note.
type of note: text only
device: mac OS 10.15.7
app: the OS app on my macbook pro
checked against: iphone app and web-based 

I submitted a ticket for this but they say it could take 10 biz days to respond. So frustrated with the hours of lost work!

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15 hours ago, ch10025 said:

Yes, I checked both my web version and my mobile version. The new notes are gone or empty

Hmmn.  You should have access to Note History in any notes that still exist,  but if that doesn't contain the information you'll have to wait for Support I'm afraid.  We don;t have any under-the-hood access to look into what may have happened here.  Sorry.

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Absolutely having the same issue.  Creating notes on iPad, and I normally have Evernote open on my PC desktop at the same time.  Both are on most current release.

I have had several instances of the following:  Update a note with a lot of content on iPad, and then hit the checkbox to save (never had to do that in the past), and Evernote freezes.  When I restart Evernote, the entire set of notes I added is lost, and there is nothing in the note history about my work.  

Case filed over a week ago and still no response  Ready to leave Evernote after 8 years and thousands of notes.  Can't do business with a bank which loses deposits.



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You describe what can create classic syncing conflicts: 2 sessions open at the same time on 2 machines, syncing to the same account.

About adding "a lot of content" the new version is not really THAT stable. When I add sizeable content I currently save the note after placing each new block, like a picture or attachment.

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