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(Archived) Rich Text issue displaying in Beta 3?


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I created a test Todo list and sync'd it to my mobile device. Since installing Beta 3 I noticed an issue displaying the ToDo list on the mobile device.

Here's the original as viewed via Evernote Web...

  • Evernote%20Web_1287754417477.png

And here's how it looks on my Android device with Beta 3...
  • ToDoMobile.png

Note the extra characters at the end of the mobile note (the "e>" characters). The extra characters don't show on the web version or the desktop version of the note. It's not a text-wrap issue as it still happens in Landscape mode. I don't recall seeing it in Beta 2.

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I am not able to produce this bug? what web browser are you using? And what Android phone\OS you are using?

I'm using the 3.5 desktop client, Mozilla Firefox, and the HTC Incredible.

I just tried a 2nd test ToDo list and sent it to my device. This second test had some similar and different results.

Initially, the second test seemed to work fine, however I noticed that one of the check-boxes (the first indented check-box) was indented a few pixels farther to the right than the rest of the indented check-boxes. On the desktop client they all lined up perfectly, as well in Firefox. So I deleted the note, sync'd the desktop and the android device to clear the note. Then reconstructed the todo list. This time it resulted in the same extra characters as the initial todo list which I posted above.

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It might be worth noting that I created my indentations with the Tab key, and not spaces. I thought that might be relevant as EN4 seems to have issues with using the Tab key to indent (the issue I'm having here my notes were created using EN3.5 though and I didn't use EN4 during the test process).

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Thanks for the feedback.

We've seen this bug on and off but thought we'd killed it in the 2.0 beta 3 release (although your not needs to be resync-ed with the server). If you modify the note on the web again, and sync the Android client, then the extra character should go away.

Let us know if it comes back. This bug is giving me nightmares.

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