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32 minutes ago, groeder said:

How do i go back??? Hate the new version - this HTML content label appears in all of my notes so many times I have to re-edit each of my 10,000 notes...

NO fix is available


If you are on Mac or Windows you can install the Legacy version. If you are on iOS, there is no way to revert without some knowledge of how to use backups and/or jailbreaking. Not sure about Android as I'm not on that platform, but I'm pretty sure that the new app hasn't been released for Android as of yet.

Here is the link with instructions on how to move back to the legacy version: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote

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Awesome update - I was immediately locked out of all my notes with no warning that I would have to log back in - I haven't had to log in for over a year and now I can't find the right account.  All my data is gone and you jackasses have a two week wait time which makes alot of sense as I am sure I am not the only one you completely screwed over.

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I had to update my Evernote, but I don't like it at all. Some essential features (shortcut to create a checkbox, or TABS), are missing. When switching between notes, it does not load my old position, I have to scroll all the way down every time.

It would be nice to work with the old version again, is there a way? If not, I'll have to move on to another notes product.

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4 hours ago, Aquila0 said:

It would be nice to work with the old version again, is there a way?

I merged your post with an ongoing discussion
See above for the link to the Legacy version

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After researching it, I don't think using Evernote legacy is a real solution. The language on the Evernote Legacy page seems to indicate they basically aren't supporting it and it doesn't have a future. Is there a guarantee all this functionality is coming back quickly to the new version? I don't like paying Evernote to beta test their product.

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What support did you have the last two years with pre-legacy (which was exactly the same piece of software) ?

Can tell you: Thanks for sending us the ticket, we put it on the list, no we don’t know when it will be fixed, all devs are busy with something else, etc. 

OK, what do you get today: Thanks for sending us the ticket, we put it on the list, no we don’t know when it will NEVER be fixed, all devs are busy with something else, AND YOU CAN UPGARDE TO v10.

Find the difference (hint: I made it easy for you) ?!

So if I did without much support (special thanks to the contributors to this forum ! ) for the last 2 years, why should this change now all of a sudden ? There is a while until my subscription is up for renewal, and EN will probably get it done. If not, I know where to put my money.

Currently we are all sort of sitting on the same boat, fog over the water, compass broken, captain drunk. If „support“ in such a situation means you need to get a hug, please feel hugged. I wait for an engineer to arise from the machine room telling me it is fixed, or I head with my data for the life boat.

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I've been a happy and faithful (and even evangelistic) Evernote Premium user for more than ten years. I don't understand why the new version was released when so many features had not yet been implemented. App Preferences?!?! Going back to Legacy now.

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older version was so quick to open notes, this one lags all the time whenever i open a notebook or a single note.

Also these slow animations when expanding my notebooks. What a terrible idea.

I can't even change the style on notebook names. Only good thing about this new version seems to be the dark mode.

I couldn't even find a OPTIONS menu on this version...

Also why is my account name wasting screen space? I don't need to be reminded of my name everytime I open evernote window. Is there a way to hide it? To be honest I don't care, I'm back to the older version. If it evers stops working and they force me to use a newer version, then I'm out.

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Depending on what functions you mean, you can wait it out (maybe use legacy until v10 has matured) or start searching richt away:

What features are no longer supported in the new app?

This is not an exhaustive list of features, but the most notable include:

  • Local notebooks
  • Presentation mode
  • Context
  • ScanSnap Evernote Edition firmware and software

How to install legacy:

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More notable missing items....

  • Useful additions and features are missing! Improve table functionality
  • "Services" on the mac
  • Size 13 font, size 15, 17..... And the keyboard commands move between the pre-selected font sizes in the list.
  • Fonts except for the 5 preset fonts given to us. There are many more than 5 fonts that are built-in fonts on Win/Mac/iphone/android. 
  • A font menu.
  • Exporting more than 50 notes. (I was using export as a local backup.)

Why so much wasted space at the top of the screen???

Clicking an internal (or external) link is now a 2-step process. I use them to bounce between files, it's a hindrance not a benefit.

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