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(Archived) new beta - new notes not syncing at all


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I have only created two notes in EN since I installed the new beta, but neither has loaded into the app. One was an email and one a copy and paste of text into a note on the web. Both show up on the web and the desktop client and the iOS client.

Edit, the copy and paste text IS there, but I may have added that before I downloaded the beta, it was the same day.

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Please try out the latest version posted today? Also, keep in mind that it takes some time to download all the notes, thumbnails and attached resources.

If you could give some more detail about what was and was not downloaded (note title, tags, notebooks, thumbnails, note content) or provide some logs then we can help diagnose the problem.

Thanks -


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I will definitely go and download the newest version (this IS a beta test, after all, so I have no problem working through these things).

The note was called "Best Western - Reservation Confirmation". It was in my "Trips, Events and Vacations" Notebook and it was tabbed with "Confirmation". The note was a transferred email. Feel free to get into my account to check it out. It shows up fine on the other platforms.

I then tried a test note, with just the term "test" as the title without a notebook and without a tag. I synched and the app said it finished, but it is not there. So, it seems new notes are not coming down to the app.

I will go fetch the the new version and sideload it see what happens. No problem.

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