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Moving notebooks from business to personal

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Hi all,

With the newest version of Evernote, it's now getting impossible to work with my personal and business accounts (in the Windows app), as I am constantly switching between the two. Originally there were 2 tabs at the top of the app and it was easy to switch between them. I often need to move notes from personal to business and vice versa. This was easily done by right-clicking the note and choosing the option. With the new version, switching between personal & business is clunky as it appears to now log out of one account and log in to the other, and it's not possible to have two instances of Evernote running with the two accounts. Further, I can no longer move notes between accounts (I now have to export to a file and import into the other account). This is now too time consuming as I am doing it regularly. So I'm coming to the conclusion that I need to use either business Evernote or personal Evernote for everything, and create separate notebook stacks for each. Since I don't really use the business functionality, and I have vastly more notes in personal, I'll use the personal version and ditch the business (as a certified consultant I don't pay for it anyway). But now I have the problem of how do I get all my business notes/notebooks into personal?

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I am having the same problem with the new Mac Evernote.

Before the upgrade, I was able to keep notes from both my personal account and business account open on my desktop at the same time.  This was extremely useful, since I routinely switch back and forth between personal and business notes. 

Now with the new release this is no longer possible, at least as far as I can tell. I have to be logged into my Personal account for a Personal Note to be visible. And in my Business Account to see business notes. I can't see how to view them both at the same time. 

And from my perspective that is a big problem for usability, and kills a major aspect of the platform's usability.  This is close to a deal breaker for me. 

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Nobody found a solution to this?

I pay for Business and also have Personal, but this new way of working is going to make me cancel business and move to Personal. It seems the more they try to force people into Business the more they alienate people. Rather tempt people into Business, tempt people with better functions. This stick approach where it gets worse is a backward step IMO.

I have used a few of these over the years but each ends up being wrecked when they try to make it into a swiss army knife when all we want is a simple spoon. Someone may use a swiss army knife, but really more people want spoons to use everyday.

Evernote should be evernote and do it the BEST, not be a bad swiss army knife that does more things badly...


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Business and personal data needs to be kept appart. The business data belong to the company, the personal to the employee. This is the legal background.

All data in the business part are controlled by an admin. He can assign access to the data to another person. If employee Bob quits, his data stays and can be reassigned to Alice and Jim.

The personal account belongs to the employee. It is completely separate from the business account. On leaving Bob takes his personal account with him - it is not meant to store business information.

To make this work there is a wall between the 2 accounts. Easy switching is not allowed, as the transfer of data.

That is it, like it or not. In many regions it is legally necessary for a company to set up a data split. So EN has implemented it, and discontinues the old setup where business and personal accounts were much closer.

2 remarks:

For an individual it makes no sense to use a business account. A business account makes sense if there is a group of people who work together on a shared data base. As an individual, use a Premium account.

For easier switching on a desktop, one can install legacy and v10 side by side. Open the business account in one, the personal in the other. Or use the web client as second session.

On mobile there is the account switching option in settings. No double install possible.

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Actually, it doesnt seem that secure, I just discovered I could Export the notes from the Business part as enex files and then log into the Personal part and Import the enex files and now all the Business notes are in one single personal account.

This isnt a business vs personal thing - I own the company, so I want to search for things and find things whether personal or business doesnt matter, I want to find it when I want it - and I dont want to have to remember where I stored it and then have to switch between personal and business. I dont have a personal AND a business phone - I have one and I want one Evernote that I can search at once. Its a shame Evernote did this, if Business side was better I dont mind paying Subscriptions, but for me, to have Business gives me less functionality as it prevents me from searching ALL my notes at once.


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As I said, keeping business and personal data separate is legally binding - at least in most western countries.

Even if you own the company, the data still belongs to the company. Ever thought about selling your business one day, never thought about going bankrupt ? In both cases it is probably a good idea to have the personal stuff separate from the business data.

That you can export data and import them is no contradiction - as the Single-User-Owner you are practically in the admin role. In a normal EN business setup most employees don’t get access to all data, only to those they need.

As you describe your use case, you could probably do with a Premium account as well. The functions of the business account type are not designed for a single user setup - it is made to serve several persons working together, and to structure the access to information between them. Since you are using the software beside the use case for which it was designed, it is IMHO no surprise that you discover it is less practical for you. It is not meant to be good for a single user. You will probably discover more issues on the business side, since it is made for admin control and the use of several work areas (spaces). 

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I'm in the same boat as a few others as the owner of a small corporation who has had Business and Personal and now has to deal with switching.

Let me add though that one reason even a small business such as ours has EN Business vs Personal are the integrations. Services such as Salesforce, maybe Zapier, etc. do not integrate with EN Personal which is why I got Business to begin with. But as @PinkElephant said the business owns these notes so I obviously don't want to keep personal bills etc. in Business hence I have both for now. It does seem that they could give the Admin the option to at least make some part of it easier for those that have both and still satisfy the EU and other privacy requirements.

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On 2/9/2021 at 12:04 AM, PinkElephant said:

Business and personal data needs to be kept appart. The business data belong to the company, the personal to the employee. This is the legal background.

Then let the business set a policy NO PERSONAL EVERNOTE ACCOUNTS ALLOWED.

There is no reason to make Evernote unusable for everyone else. That is Dilbert thinking. "The whole world must conform to that of the cubicle-dweller."

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Yeah Evernote needs to change this. His suggestion works and puts onus on business account holder. I own a small business so have both accounts and it SUCKS when Evernote shuts down and makes me re login to change this. Used to be a quick click.

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@duser It may not be comfortable for you, but legally this is necessary.

Just think about a situation where your company would go belly up. I know, nobody like to think about it, and it won't happen.

But just in case - then your Business account will be locked up by court order, because the data belongs to the company. If it now is a mixed account, with business and privat data intermingled, you have a severe problem.

You can log into more than one account with the clients, and then switching between Business and Personal is just one click.

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@Tim Kowal The business account is set up and managed by an admin. One thing he sets up is who can see which notebook (by defining the "spaces"). Who has access to that space can see the information in it, and often work on it.

OK, fine with me when your admin by accident opens up your personal stuff for everybody to see and rearrange. As good when he does the same with the personal stuff of your colleague ? Because if it is not split, everybody's personal data could be exposed. Remember, it is a business account, for a group of people working together. For a freelancer, no business account is needed, just go for Premium.

IMHO EN did exactly the right thing to promote a product to a professional business market: Set it up in a way that it fullfils all legal requirements by design - not by user action. They give every business user a personal Premium account on top - so about what are you complaining ? Good software design, build in security & privacy ?

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Of course they can be separate accounts. We are referring to the mechanism for switching between them. It's very bad now and could be much easier. EN is not only company that offers biz and personal accounts. Company goes belly up isn't relevant, person would still own and access personal account. They just wouldn't be able to get to it through their login to biz account.

We are basically talking about SSO access to the accounts.

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Salesforce allows integration with email. A user could add their personal email such that logging into their work account they can see personal email. Admin can't see but can also remove ability for users to do that. Company folds...fine. User still has their email just not by logging into work Salesforce account.

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