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Working with keyboard? It is probably a Windows PC

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Here I note the dominance of Windows in the PC market and consider the example Notion/OneNote as an Evernote 10 replacement on Windows PC with Android phone and iPad as mobility options. 

Apple remains a minor play in the PC market

Reading this forum, it seems that Macs are a large share of Evernote users. This impression may be due to the English language and Macs market share in North America. Now important are other PCs?

A little casual research showed that the vast majority of the PCs worldwide use Windows OS (over 80%). Further research shows the worldwide sales of Apple are tiny compared to other manufactures of PCs. See the third quarter sales of 2020 in the graph below. This has been true since 2015, at least. Source: Gartner. 


Looking for Windows 10 solutions

The purpose of this post is not to a critique of Apple or Mac users or the quality of the Apple product. Rather, the market dominance of the PCs and Windows OS is just as relevant as it ever. If Evernote would like to make money, it will need a good Windows PC product. 

DevonThink is a great note taking software but is a Mac product. The holy grail for Windows PC users is to find a good, stable Windows 10 equivalent with local storage. 

Evidence in this forum suggests this may not be one app but a number of apps that to provide a full functionality that is available now and thinking how best to work with it. 

Here is one suggestion of how Notion and OneNote strengths are combined. 

Case study
Using the best of each: OneNote and Notion together.

Using multiple tools and playing to there strengths. The process is batch so that each step of 30 to 60 minutes requires the use of only one device and one app. The workflow does not require jumping between apps.

Which is used for what?


  • Chromium browsers: Edge and Chrome - Chrome addons work on both.
  • Edge has Microsoft services integrated and Chrome those of Google. 
  • Chromium should get updates about every 6 weeks. 


  • Reading is done on an iPad.
  • PDFs are prepared for reading on the PC by printing to OneNote.
  • This stage can include annotation of PDF.
  • Apple Pencil (1st generation) works on an inexpensive iPad.


  • Planning is done in Notion
  • Web research and clipping with Chrome and Notion
  • Transfer of data of content for reading and annotating with export to PDF and then print to OneNote.

Office functions with Outlook.com

  • Email, calendar, task lists, day planning, correspondence.

Cloud storage

  • OneDrive 1TB free for OneNote
  • Google Drive for Notion embedded files (iframe)

Mobile usages

  • Android phone from 2020 but not an expensive one and works like a dream. 

Weak point

  • Social networks and messaging integration.
  • Looking for solutions for that.

Total cost $2000 - priced in the last week

  • New office PC $1000
  • New Andriod $350
  • New iPad $650


  • Office 365 - 5 users (the whole family), 1TB cloud storage - about $130 per annum
  • Notion - free account
  • OneNote - native app with local storage included in Office 365
  • Outlook.com - free
  • Android apps - free
  • Cloud storage - included in Office 365

Evernote as archive

  • Serves an archive for work completed between 2010-2020
  • All notes from this period have been imported for this period into Notion and OneNote too.
  • Free account so not cost for this archive
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21 minutes ago, Tamagotchi said:

If Evernote would like to make money, it will need a good Windows PC product. 

I'm not clear on the purpose of your post    
In addition to the Web platform,  Evernote has client software for each platform; Windows, Apple, Android, IOS   My guess is that most users are using the Windows platform

Evernote offers a free subscription level, Premium and Business

Evernote provides an integrated note editor, and supports any format file attachments

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7 minutes ago, DTLow said:

Evernote service has client software for each platform

Evernote 10 is currently a poor and unpopular product as the discussion in this forum demonstrates. Evernote 10 is a placebo, a work in progress,  and Legacy dead software (unsupported). Read the post.

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10 minutes ago, Tamagotchi said:

Evernote 10 is a placebo, a work in progress,

As you say, Evernote 10 is a work-in-progress, not ready for general use   
The Legacy product is very much alive, and recommended.  Evernote continues to support the data sync process

I'm happily using the Legacy product on my Mac

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1 hour ago, Tamagotchi said:

a poor and unpopular product as the discussion in this forum demonstrates

Funny how most of the discussions seem to end up with Evernote Legacy still seeming the best option amongst current limited or poorly designed competition,  and many users (like most of the Level 5 contributors here) sticking with previous or Legacy versions and waiting for Evernote to return various temporarily missing features to v10...

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