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Restore Share Notes via Email




We lost this feature in the latest Windows and iOS versions, and it was very useful.  

It is described in the old versions here:


Without that feature, if we don't want to send a link to our note, and we just want a share of the note at a point in time, now we have to do a multi-step copy and paste into our email app, set a title, and send from the email app.  It worked great before 10. 

Please consider restoring this feature (and to iOS, too, which also lost the feature).

Thank you

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I have to second this thought.  I use this feature constantly in my work environment.  While it will work for me to send a link, it is more likely that I will cut and paste into an email just as user CareyD suggests, and this is a time waster. This is a feature that I would like to see returned.  Thank you.

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