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Why is the ability to select all Notes and Export them gone now?

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I upgraded Endnote and saw that it won't let me choose more than 50 Notes at a time and there's no way to back up/export them. In my previous version, I could select them all (~800 in my case) and export.  Now, I just udated again and now there's an Export function but I still can't select more than 50 and have no idea what it would export in that case. Can someone clue me in - why is the complete export functionality reduced (or gone)?

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4 minutes ago, mlevin77 said:

there's no way to back up/export them

There is a 50 note selection limit; we're told this is temporary and will be removed as the product is developed
Also, an HTML option will be added

We can export all the notes in a Notebook
Screenshot is from my Mac, right-clicking on a Notebook and selecting Export41599205_ScreenShot2020-11-11at2_18_08PM.png.7d2a92bfdefad4f2f7880220bd79d58d.png


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Got it. What's weird though, re. "as the product is developed", is that the previous version already allowed to select all Notes, so this seems to be a move backwards, not just a matter of waiting until new features are implemented.

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2 hours ago, mlevin77 said:

this seems to be a move backwards

Agreed - it was (it seems) a question of "if it hangs together,  let's ship it out" - even though a lot of previous features got left behind.  They are - they say - catching up...

-And by the way until they do so,  you can go back to using the Legacy version (if you're on a desktop) to get the full feature set back.  


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