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Evernote 10.1 doesn't sync notes created in IOS until the app is opened.

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I use Ipad to read news, articles and books. I use the evernote as my clipper for all interesting articles and screenshots. Then I will use these in my work or revise them in my laptop. Recently I realized that the evernote version 10 for IOS ( the brand new app) doesn't sync these articles to the cloud unless I open the apps. In the legacy ios app, I doesn't have this problem. 


To replicate the issues

  1. Create a screenshot.
  2. Share to evernote and wait for it to be clipped. 
  3. Open evernote on desktop and click on sync ( just to make sure sync activities are initiated) 
  4. The clipped note is not there. 
  5. Now, open the evernote app on IOS, you can see the sync activities is running with the sync icon. This mean there were no syncing activities when the screenshot were clipped. 

What should be the expected behavior

  • Evernote clipped the screenshot and sync it to the background. 
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Whether it is a problem or not - this is by design.

Send to EN uses the iOS share option. It needs the receiving app to be opened before it can process the data. Only when the app was opened and the new note created, it can be synced to the EN server.

From my experience it is best to keep the EN app open in the background when sharing information there. This does not only mean clipping from Safari, it is the same with photos, files from the files app etc. Between sharing EN should be opened, then wait until the new notes were created. I think there is a system limit of how much shared content can be queued before data is lost. Don’t know how much the queue can take, but opening after every 2-3 clips worked for me without loosing anything.

Not nice viewed from the workflow perspective. I just don’t know how much of this is related to the EN app, or caused by iOS. When I share to other apps, usually the targeted app opens right away, which breaks the workflow as well.

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Then why wasn't it like that in the 'old' version of Evernote? With this new EN, if you 'forget' to open EN on your device while sharing,  you could loose notes. This happened to me already.

Before (old EN) sharing worked seamlessly. Now there's always the fear that something could go wrong. 

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Yes, a question full of nostalgia. Back then, in the good old days.

Probably it has to do with the new app being based on a framework, basically a browser in disguise. Load the browser, load the app inside of this browser, see what is waiting, import it. Too many steps for the sharing to push it from the outside ? Don't know. I just see that it works when I jump between apps, so I jump, see my muscle growing from the exercise, and that is it. At least I am not loosing content this way.

Don't need to be happy with this brave new world ...

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If you read the fine print, it says „pursuit of happiness“. So let us hope we will succeed with this not-so-trivial-pursuit.

Currently I live in relative happiness with legacy on Mac and PC plus v10 on my i-devices. To have some fun I have installed a second Basic account on the Mac, running v10. If you don’t NEED to use it for unsupported workflows, it is not that bad.

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