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(Archived) Location feature doesn't seem to work


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Two bits of feedback on Beta 2:

1) Is location supposed to be implemented yet? I have "use gps" and "use network" checked in the settings. Notes don't appear to have location data.

2) Lack of feedback on synchronization is problematic. I just added a test note that was a two words in length. Its not appearing in Evernote web after a few moments. Whenever I hit the sync button, I see "synchronization stated" but no further information. I do have internet access, tested through the web browser, though the 3g up/down bars are not active when just the evernote program is up, which makes me think Evernote is not syncing and is just sitting there. I don't have wifi only selected.

If I hit the back button out of the program and click the evernote icon again i get a message "synchronisation statrted 2 minutes ago) I'm assuming the clock reserts when I hit sync again.

Android shows 2458 notes while web shows 2457 notes. Shouldn't take so long to upload one note should it? (Now it shows 5 minutes since sync started, evernote web still doesn't have the note, and I'm losing interest in the experiment. the sync seems to be frozen)

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