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murmuring: Open on last notebook, etc...

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The new feature, open on last note is not my cup of tea.  I prefer to open EN on my default notebook.  How can I change it back?

The "Move to Notebook" icon next to the Notebook name on the top-left conner is very poor, it is hidden and fade-in slowly when mouse hoop over (looking for it).  It is a poor design and slow down the efficiency of work.  Why EN like to using things like this design?  this poor design also on login pages password field only show after input the ID.  But this is not always work in some countries that blocked google.(I don't know if it is related, but it is really frustrating me, I am in Hong Kong but always need to travel cross borders).

When will the Shift+CMD+D come back?

When can I directly save the edited attachment to notes without SAVE AS to other place on my Mac?  

Why the comma and fullstop cannot show properly when I typing non-English numbering (it can be English style comma and fullstops when typing outside EN. e.g. 12,233.00, but Chinese style, Full Characters, in Chinese when typing numbers. e.g. 12,233。00 .  mac and old EN can auto detect, but not inside New EN)

Most of the working practice is not working in New EN.  Hope my expected and will knew Evernote come back with my 16K notes.

螢幕截圖 2020-11-11 上午8.25.57.png

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5 minutes ago, romelden said:

I prefer to open EN on my default notebook.  How can I change it back?

Evernote has never had an "open in notebook" option
The product is very note centric

It's more productive if you submit your issues as separate posts
or append to ongoing discussions

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