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Social media integration required for note taking apps

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Considering how much effort we put into our notes, it would be nice to easily share them. There are so many note taking apps that it is very likely that the person with whom you share is not using the platform of your choice. You could suggest that they sign up on a free account but that is not likely to happen. People are creatures of habit, they use what they have always used. “What is best is that with which I am familiar.“ It is foolhardy of note taking apps to think people will sign up for serendipitous exchanges. 

A good note taking app should have the flexibility to share with social media. To some extent, this is provided by the OS, particularly in a browser on mobiles. Spotify is an app that encourages sharing with direct sharing to Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Skype, tumblr, copy album link, copy embedded code, and copy spotify URL. Social media use varies between countries so that the list needs to be quite long. For example, the king of all apps in Germany is WhatsApp. Surely, WhatsApp should be included as one of the options. 

Social media usage in Germany (% of the population - source Statista, 11/11/2020)

  1. WhatsApp 94%
  2. Messenger 51%
  3. Skype 15%
  4. Telegram 13%
  5. Theema 3%
  6. Signal 2%

Integration with note taking apps
The presumption here is for sharing you do not need an account with the note taking app. This allows "passive sharing" where I can share from the note app of my choice to a customer/person without them having to do anything to get it. I adjust to their habits and I do not expect them to adjust to mine. "How can I best contact you," is worth asking. 

  • OneNote – email
  • Notejoy – Slack
  • Notion – none
  • Evernote 10 – email not supported any more :-(

Email is necessary but not good enough
I know of people who check personal email every few days or even just on weekends. Send a message with social media of THEIR choice and they will get back to you quickly -  from minutes to hours. Email is good for business but it increasingly does not serve the needs of a broader and particularly the younger community well. 

If Evernote is to survive it needs to broaden its horizon for popular, mass-market appeal. 

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I completely agree! Email is great for business communication, but it's not always the most convenient for personal communication. I think it would be great if Evernote could add more options for sharing, like WhatsApp or Skype, to make it more accessible for everyone.

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Integration with social networks will make the application more convenient for users. Convenience is the most important criterion when choosing a note app, so developers should do everything to make the app convenient.

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Social media - and what’s next, Zuckies meta-something with torsos moving around, legless ? Flapping notes in the form of Post-It tabs to the forehead of the avatars ? EN offering a paralyzer magic tusk to make the avatars motionless, to improve the note sticking operation ?

I don’t believe EN needs to follow every frenzy or trend, just to stay cool and „convenient“.

For me it is enough when it continues to gain productivity and efficiency.

Beside this more general remark, you can share any note with a link. A sharing link is an universal URL that can be posted everywhere. Even on social media …

Next posting about a ChatGPT integration for the forum, please. Self writing forum posts, the next hot ***** !

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