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My team use double checkboxes daily in our workflow. One check to indicate the line item is done and another to indicate it was tested.

Checklists do not allow double checkboxes and having to click the insert dropdown and then click checkbox (twice!) is clunky.

Please bring back a keyboard short cut for regular checkboxes or allow me to add it as a button to the text formatting toolbar.

And now that I am using it, what's even more annoying is that EN changes my double checkbox to a checkbox in a checklist and the formatting is off. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 11.13.18 AM.png

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4 hours ago, Rocawabe said:

Wo... not so good news... As checkbox are much more powerfull thatn checklists

Out of curiosity, how do you use checkboxes? I was under the impression that most people find the checklists much more powerful than checkboxes, but I understand that there's got to be a huge variety of user workflows so that won't be true for everyone.

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Thank you Paul! Both of those shortcuts will work for me.

To answer your question, I use checkboxes in two ways:

1) Complex to-do lists, where I'll have something like:

[ ] Goal to accomplish

  • Context for how to accomplish the goal
  • More context -- perhaps a link to another note, or to a website, or contact info for someone, or specific things to do

2) Multiple checkboxes on one line, for example, that list out simple subtasks to accomplish a larger goal. For example:

[  ] Get wetsuit [ ] Setup Craigslist alert [ ] Check Nextdoor [ ] Setup Ebay alert


Does that answer your question?

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Inline checkboxes, that ALT+Enter shortcut was so fast and powerful. I also use doble inline checkboxes [ ] [ ]

And I used to create lists using those checkboxes, as I don't like default left paddings on lists

Big downside...

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