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Note List View Pane Cannot Be Expanded

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Evernote desktop client version 10.3.6 (just updated from 10.2.4) on Windows 10.

It seems the Note List View pane cannot be expanded past a certain point of width.  I have a widescreen display, and I like my Note List View in List mode to be quite wide so I can see all the fields.  But for whatever reason, after upgrading from version 6 to version 10, this pane cannot be expanded beyond about 880 pixels, no matter how large the Evernote window is.  If I try to drag the pane wider, it just pops backwards.  I attached a screenshot that shows the element I'm trying to drag wider to the right.

I can get used to this new version (even though I'm not thrilled with the Search changes), but this particular limitation is quite frustrating.  Am I missing something?


2020-11-10 10_32_01-Search Results - Evernote.png

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Seems that at present (at least), all 3 panes remain visible and that both the note list and note panes have a minimum non-zero width.

Perhaps the expected re-introduction of the "Top List" view may help resolve this?

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While I normally work with the 3 pane view (sidebar, note list, note), I can see benefits of being able to turn off the note pane and only view specific notes when you wantb to by double-clicking the note in the note list so that it opens in a separate window.

This doesn't appear to be a bug per se, more a use case issue - it probably ought to be on the Feature Request forum, if it's not already there.

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This limitation is infuriating and I doubt it is hard to fix. This does not exist in the legacy version.

The maximum width limitation applies to the note list pane whether it is Snippets, Cards or a Side List.

I have particularly noticed this since moving on to a large monitor.

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