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Turn Off Automatic Software Downloads & Updates With Directly Installed Evernote App (No App Store)



I just got a new MacBook Pro (running macOS 10.15.17) and I'm doing a clean install of all my applications. This time around, I downloaded Evernote directly from the website — instead of through the App Store like I did on my last machine.

This morning, the first update for Evernote came out since I got my new computer. And it downloaded the new version right away — without asking me first.

Now the first time I opened the app, it asked me if I wanted to install the update. And I clicked no.

But then the second time I opened the app, it just installed the new update without asking me again.

I do not want to automatically download or update my apps. (The last thing I need is a buggy update coming up in the middle of the workweek, when I don't have time to troubleshoot. Which is why I batch all my software updates manually for the weekend.)

But I've looked everywhere, and I don't see a way to change the settings in the Mac version of Evernote (10.3.6). My Google searches came back empty. And the only thing that shows up on the preferences pane is "Save Data at Log Out."

So is there a way to turn off automatic updates for the version of Evernote available for download from their website that I'm missing?

If not, what is the best practice for switching from the direct-download version of Evernote to the version from the App Store?

EDIT: Ignore the last question, I found the answer to that here.

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