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Settings missing in new version 10.3.6

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Hello, just updated to the new version. It seems that there are no longer any settings available, such as turning off spellchecking, display characteristics of PDFs and many others.

There is only a tools > preferences option which is set to 'save data at logout'.

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I have exactly the same problem with version 10.3.7

I would be very happy about a solution of the problem. 

It extremely limits the usability of the system if you cannot change the settings. For example, that you cannot display PDF files as attachments by default. I totally agree with bobb (see above).


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I tried looking through some of their files in AppData and didn't see anything that resembled something that would support the settings menu so I'm kind of discouraged that they just wholly ripped it out with this new version. Hopefully they put it back in soon or at least expose these things in a file we can edit ourselves. 

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