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Deleting a selected note renders evernote iOS UI unresponsive

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  1. Create a new note
  2. Put content in the note
  3. Tap to a different note, to trigger sync. Wait for sync.
  4. Tap back to the new note
  5. Slide on the note list entry for the new note to delete the note, tap to delete
  6. Interface becomes broken:
    1. New note remains visible in the viewing pane on the right, the new note is removed from the list on the left
    2. Grayed "Deleted "Untitled Note"" info text remains stuck over Evernote's interface
    3. Note list can be scrolled up & down but tapping any note in the list does nothing, there is no way to navigate to any other note
    4. There is no way to use any other functionality in the interface (eg, tapping to Edit, or "New note", or share links, nothing works, no response)
  7. Kill ever-note app
  8. Re-load evernote app, note was deleted, app returns to "normal".


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I‘ve this problem, too - it‘s easy to reproduce, create a note, sync, delete the note, UI freezes.

* iPad only in my case * - I‘m not able to reproduce this behavior on my iPhone (same iOS + Evernote version), iOS 14.2, EN 10.1

@rogergauI‘ll open a ticket and reference to this thread.

Ticket# 3201991

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