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Email notification vs account access history

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I never thought anyone would be interested in accessing my notes but yesterday I received an email from Evernote indicating a "new login to Evernote" from somewhere in Poland (I live in Canada). Due to my laziness I had not enabled 2 step login yet, so I immediately changed my password and enabled two-step verification. Also, when I registered Evernote app on a new laptop, I saw an unknown device listed as linked to my account and immediately revoked it. Crossing fingers (perhaps a bad assumption) that they don't have any sensitive information from my notes (most are encrypted for protection just in case).

However, cross checking the account access history I could not find any information about this unknown device and the login from it at all. Does the history disappear as the device gets revoked? I thought that wouldn't be the case. Also, I see a number of accesses from the account history /w IP addresses from all over the world, but none of them triggered the security email from Evernote. All of them are web accesses. Some IPs I do recognize them since they are obviously based on my work VPN server location but there are some odd ones which looked suspicious.

So, it's not clear if I'm looking at true security breach to my Evernote account or some sort of error in the Evernote system. Does anyone have similar experience?

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