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Not getting notifications from Evernote on my iPhone

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I don't seem to be getting notifications on my iPhone 10S Max for Evernote reminders. I'm running IOS 14.1 and Evernote 10.1. I've uninstalled an re-installed Evernote.

I have all of the IOS settings set correctly (Always show previews, Lock Screen, Notification Center and Banners all selected, Banner Style - persistent, Sounds and Badges selected, Always show previews and Notification Grouping by App).

Any suggestions?

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Hi, no it's not anything to do with messaging. I don't use that portion of Evernote. What I'm not getting are reminders for my notes. I set the reminder in Evernote. I have all of the notifications turned on in my IOS. But I don't get any aural or visual indications for any reminders I have set. It was never a problem until Evernote recently updraded the version.


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