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How to Leave Evernote

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I've given up on Evernote after years of bad experience. For years my notes often  do not save or sync correctly. The most basic functionality does not worth. I have been too busy to cancel the subscription until now, but have i've had enough. Does anyone know how i can extract my exiting notes in one go and good format / alternative app to put them in. If there isn't an easy option its time for me to move on anyway and would be good to just archive whats there. Thanks

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30 minutes ago, lazydog said:

Does anyone know how i can extract my exiting notes in one go and good format

I use the Evernote Legacy product on a Mac; it supports export in HTML format   
I run a full export weekly as part of my data backups; about 40 minutes for 14GB   
HTML format is ubiquious; readable by any browser app

>>alternative app to put them in

For alternatives to Evernote, see the recent discussion Here

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As usual it is better to know where to go before leaving the house.

There are programs that offer direct import from EN, others rely on an ENEX export file. With the export, you need to know whether to keep the notebook structure (many note apps have a similar structure), because the notebook information may get lost if you export all in one. To preserve it, export notebook by notebook.

For a hint to a new app, you need to specify where you want to use it (Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Cloud etc.). Most services today are cloud based, only few have a local option.

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