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iOS share sheet clipper FAILS to save contents of NYT articles but no warning of this :(

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Save any article from  New York Times with iOS share sheet -> it says “success,” but when you look in Evernote, the “web clip” in the note is blank except for:

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 So not only is the content not saved, but even the link won’t be found if you search for something in the article (because text isn’t there!)’

 I tried saving articles from multiple browsers and The NY Times app with same result. Also same result whether vote the note in web client or iOS client. 

Here’s an example note with article: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/4fb9e40e-3924-32fd-e6f1-b1d1bbcd8b8d/750c1642523f1645e5ae4cd473c33cf2

Obviously cannot rely on information being saved because of this. Please fix!

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