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When will there be a renewed Evernote for Android?



Hi there, I am wondering if we will ever see the new Evernote Client for Android go live? Almost 2 months ago, the iOS client was released.

Android still suffers from the very aged client which did not get any maintenance for months and no development for years.

With a a market share of almost 75% devices on the web it is incomprehensible to me, why this big user base is ignored by EN. No information about release plans on the EN web page.  

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Be careful, what you are calling out for!!!

There surely will be a reason why EN didn't roll out an Android version 10 so far. (Even though the screenshots on Google Play store obviously are allready actualized based on a pre-release version 10 since 3 or 4 weeks ...)

If the Android version 10 has at least half as much issues regarding lost funtionality, consuming RAM capacity and taking battery power as the iOS-Version 10, there will be thousands and thousands of users who are shocked and disappointed.

So far the old, but native EN-version for Android is pretty fast, doesn't need to much battery power and is good to use for finding and opening notes or taking scans to Evernote and has a rather good usability / UI. This can be history for a while when Android version 10 is released to soon...

Please EN take your time to get at least this version ready and reliable before roll out!

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