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(Archived) evernote.com/mobile quick note (and edit)

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1st of all, thanks for a great service i've been using and loving for years!

i just got myself a Kindle 3, and it seems to work well with the mobile web interface - there's one thing that doesn't work though!

if i hit "quick note", i get to the form perfectly okay, but i can't enter any characters into the different fields!

if i do "edit note", i can move around (up/down/left/right) inside of the fields, but i can still not add or delete any characters!

hope this "bug" report covers everything necessary

oh, the Kindle 3 WebKit browser presents itself as: "AppleWebKit/528.5+"

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not sure how i managed to sign in the first time (possibly through regular web site), but now I'm having the same problem logging in to the mobile website! can't enter text in username/password: fields

edit: yes, works perfectly well through regular web site, then i can pass on to the mobile web (where i can't enter text into fields)

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