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Same iPad-Toolbar also for iPhone



Please give us the option to select, highlighting, colors, lists, etc. directly from the toolbar (with 1 click) like on the iPadOS-Version.
Otherwise it takes 4(!) steps to mark a word on the iPhone for example...
Thank you! :)
(And it would be best, of course, if you can decide for yourself which element is arranged in which order.)

Same iPad-Toolbar also for iPhone.PNG

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Probably there is not enough real estate to make this work. If they add another row of symbols, the editing window gets really narrow. And I run it on an iPhone 11 Pro Max- imagine I would use a SE.

It is one more click on the iPhone, everything is behind the Aa-Button. 

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Thanks for your answer, but on smartphone you can easily scroll a little bit more horizontally to the right to quickly find the tools you need. I think of the example when I'm reading a text in Evernote and I want to quickly select a text with 'select word -> highlight'. (as it was possible before...)

This worked great with the old version! Now I need 4(!) steps for the same approach...

  1. Select word 
  2. Press the Aa-Button
  3. Press highlighter button
  4. Select highlighter color

Before it was only one step...

In my opinion, the best thing would be, if you have the possibility to always show the last selected highlighter-color in the toolbar, so you can press it with one click! :)

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