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Unable to Download Evernote Setup File - NSIS Error

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When the "Send to" command disappeared from my Windows "right mouse button" menu, I elected to remove Evernote from my system and download and install a new copy.  After removing the old copy, I went to Evernote.com to download a new copy.  The set up file appeared to download correctly.  However, when I tried to run it, I got an "NSIS Error" message.  Multiple tries got the same result.  A screen shot is attached.  What is causing this error?  I am runnning Windows 10 with all current update.

Evernote failure.png

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Thanks for the offer to help, but I found a different solution.  When I tried to download the setup file with Edge, it worked.  Just to be sure, I tried again with Chrome and got the same error.  So, my NSIS error seems to be another Microsoft/Google conflict (where the new Windows updates are ***** up the Google browser).

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Gazumped:  Thanks for the suggestion, but the NSIS error message arose when I tried to use Google Chrome to download the setup files from Evernote.com.  I have no idea why it worked with Edge, but not Chrome, but my screen shot shows the error I got with Chrome.

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