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Latest Evernote update has broken display of svg files

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Since the latest Evernote update svg files have started showing with an error - previously I could see the image within the note perfectly. Even if I am looking at a note without actually clicking on it I can still see the image until I click - then Evernote seems to update it in some way so that the image simply becomes the name of the file. This is terrifically annoying as I take a lot of notes as drawings and load them to Evernote for safekeeping. Now they are in there but I cannot 'see' them!  Frightening to think I have lost all these notes.

The error is "Unable to render this type of image." They were perfectly fine a few days ago.

Windows app v 10.1.7 build 0 public  (behaviour similar in iOS - it is not clear to me if it is the windows   version or the ios version that is actually corrupting the file - either way they were fine in both before and now they are getting broken by looking at them)

Does anybody know if this a reported issue that is likely to be fixed anytime soon?

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Actually I suspect the problem seems to be when I view the image in the latest iPad update (although it is still not obvious because of the time it takes to sync). I'll try posting this in the iOS section as well just in case.

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