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Aaaand v10.2.4 is hosed right after recent upgrade (can't escape the loop I'm in)

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Opened EN and was asked to install the latest update to 10.2.4., which I did.

When EN opened, I clicked on a saved search because I was dying to get to a note and see if it still takes 2-20 seconds or more for the note content to appear.

It's never appearing now, LOL!

Seriously, I cannot break the loop I'm in. 


It doesn't matter whether I Relaunch or Keep Waiting. It just gets stuck here every time. Eventually I get asked if I want to Keep Waiting or Relaunch. Otherwise it's the green wheel of death.

Even if I 'x' out of the program, it keeps trying to restart itself and then leaves me in this loop.

Legacy 6.25.2 handles the saved search swimmingly well as per usual. No issues.

Oddly, I can, in v 10, click on the menu (File, Edit, etc.) and the menu dropdowns seem to work somewhat (although I can't create a New Note). but the main part of the UI (Notes, Shortcuts area, etc.) is dead to my touch.

Also, I can NOT kill this app in Task Manager. It keeps respawning itself and going back to this loop. Just effing DIE already!

I guess I'll stop a day's work and restart the whole PC.


Sidebar: at this point nothing about v10 feels like an "upgrade" and, frankly, it has me starting to swear like Ozzy Man on a regular basis.

Did someone fire EN's testing department or something?  It just seems to be getting worse the further along we go.

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3 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

When uninstalling, did you use the build in uninstall process, or did you use an uninstaller like Revo ?

Native Win 10 feature. I don't have an other installers/uninstallers.

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I agree - just a long shot, nothing concrete. But sometimes security software gets into the way, so switching it off sometimes does the trick.

Confession: I am still running „legacy“ on Windows and Mac, Mac being the main work station for me.

The use of Revo uninstaller was mentioned in another thread. They had trouble caused by some „residue“ that the normal uninstaller did not catch. Revo seems to do the job. I know a similar issue with uninstalling on the Mac, where I use the free app AppCleaner to really wipe an app.


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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

Confession: I am still running „legacy“ on Windows and Mac, Mac being the main work station for me.

I'll bet you're feeling pretty good about that right about now, watching all the problems folks are having with v10. lol

I'm running v10 just to keep an eye on new releases while I do my actual work in the legacy v6. Otherwise I'd be back to pen and paper or something. 🥴

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Finally had to completely uninstall v10 and use Revo Uninstaller to pull it completely out by the roots, as you suggested @PinkElephant.

But I think the registry deletions it suggested were possibly too aggressive because rebooting got bumpy and I had to run some repairs.

Now v6 (Legacy) starts fine, but v10 won't start after a fresh install. It just says "having trouble starting..." or something like that and then my whole PC freezes.

What a complete [bleep]show this v10 experience is turning out to be. So incredibly disappointed so far. 

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