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Same titles for multiple notes

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On 11/5/2020 at 11:22 AM, DSwish said:

Can I have the same title on all of my notes in a particular notebook?

Yes, you can have multiple notes with the same title     
Notes are uniquely identified by a hidden generated note-id

Can you explain your use case for this?

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6 minutes ago, stocky2605 said:

just one simple example: I collect a lot of receipts from supermarkets, shops, gas stations, ..., and their title is the name of the shop or brand (gas station) - so many identical note titles

I use the Scannable app which creates note "Receipt" in my inbox notebook
Personally, I can't leave it like that
A sample receipt title for me is     2020-11-04 Receipt [Groceries] ?Vndr-Walmart !Budget-FoodGrocery  $-58.19

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