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Microsoft Word Documents no longer Previewable

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I'm a law student and a premium user. I take all my notes in Word documents, then tag and organize them via evernote. I updated to the new app about a week ago, and submitted an as-yet unanswered support ticket immediately. I am currently preparing for exams, and I need to be able to glance over my many 200+ note Word documents quickly. In the old evernote app, Word documents would appear in preview form on the note itself; I could pull up all the notes under a certain tag, then quickly click through my notes to scan for the relevant info. The previewed word documents were also indexed and searchable—I could punch "claim preclusion" into the search box and the Evernote app would find all my Word notes with the relevant phrase. 

 Now, the note itself only displays a link to the word document, and I need to open up a new window of Word to see my notes. The text of the linked documents is also no longer searchable. This represents a colossal downgrade in functionality for me, to the point where my evernote is almost useless compared to what it once was. Is there some way to force these word documents to appear in the note as something more than the link to the file? 

Thank you. 

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