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Markdown Style Shortcuts

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I'd be interested to know whether the markdown style shortcuts in the current version of Evernote are widely known and whether there are others I'm unaware of?

When I found out about these they were a real productivity boost for capture and formatting notes.

These all work as the first characters on a line...

# (hash+space): Large Heading

## (hash+hash+space): Medium Heading

### (hash+hash+space): Small Heading

* (asterisk+space): bullet list

1. (1+fullstop/period+space): numbered list

[] (open square brackets+close square brackets+space): checlist

--- (dash+dash+dash+space): divider

Combine these with bold, italic, underline - CTRL-B,I,U or COMMAND-B,I,U and I can create great looking notes incredibly quickly.

I've attached a screenshot which might better illustrate the shortcuts.

Let me know if there are others I've missed!


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I love this and I wish there was more markdown integration. 

Thank you for the list of markdown that currently works with Evernote!

Check this out:

It's not exactly a text editor, but the web version does allow for markdown. I could not get the integration to work seamlessly with the way that I have my Evernote configured, but you may be able to come up with something if you fiddle with it enough. 

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