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fewer features



Although I like the overall new design of Evernote, there are fewer features. 

why have certain features been removed: 

  • I can no longer choose my own default font. (fewer choice of fonts);  in fact, I can't seem to change fonts anyway, only have Sans Serif working
  • I can no longer create table of contents in folders;
  • I can no longer create a PDF file from a file. (though it wasn't ideal in terms of page size, having no option at all is unfortunate);
  • I can no longer use the Zoom (pinch) in a note;  only the View option has Zoom 
  • I can no longer open audio files from within Evernote  -- which is most annoying. 
  • Copy/ Move again (to last folder) is also no longer possible. 
  • I can no longer right-click and add a word into the dictionary or stop indications of 'errors'
  • Evernote no longer suggests emojis as you type allowing you to add these
  •  what else is being downgraded for the same price ?? 

Were any other features removed?    And why? 

Is anyone open to discussing such? 

OK.  Admittedly, there are also some nice new features.  So I don't want to knock it: 

- I like the PDF attachment/full doc feature 

But, still, ...

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13 minutes ago, Bienne said:

why have certain features been removed: 

We're told this is the initial implementation of a base framework.   
Features are being added with upcoming releases

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I, too, miss the ability to select a font and loved Helvetica Neue font size 11 - both feature gone!

I used the box to make lists and x-ed out once something was done to create my to-do list - Frankly, that's why I use evernote....now the to do box option strikes through my text....No No No! I want to be able to read my notes associated with the To Dos.  This may be a deal breaker.  Been doing it this way very effectively and efficiently since 2013 - ...old dog, new tricks and all that.  Why fix something that wasn't broken?

I used to drag and drop notes from one place to another...that too seems to have disappeared.  I create something and dragged it to a folder in the shortcuts...no longer functional.

Notes seem to be duplicating and having trouble syncing....

Take me back to the good old days.


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7 minutes ago, Iceblue1980 said:

As a paying user I'm frankly quite disappointed we have to pay for heavily reduced functionality even if temporary.

Is there a reason you're using the Version 10 product; a work-in-progress
I'm using the Legacy product (installation here)
btw  The software is free to download and use

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