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Checklists made in iOS appear bulleted in MacOS



The new checklist feature in iOS (which seems to have replaced the checkboxes that used to auto populate the next line if you were making a list and didn't strike out the text) appears as bullets next to checklist boxes in MacOS when synced over. Other than not liking the look of this, it takes up a lot of space on a given line of text in your checklist, which makes it more difficult to multitask on the app with multiple windows where you might need the Evernote checklist window to be thinner. Is there anyway to change this?  

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I agree 100%, this issue is making the movement from lists on the iPhone to computer very aggravating as my Mac now shows both a checkbox and a bullet.  Not sure where the seamless integration went but it is missed.  Is this due to the Mac app lacking a syncing update?

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