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I don't want that Evernote (10.1 on iOS) converts pasted YouTube links into embedded videos - Help?



I paste lots of YouTube links into my notes. My notes are mostly text based. Since the update to v. 10.1 on my iPhone some hours ago Evernote is converting all the pasted YouTube links into embedded videos. How can I turn this off? I just want a simple link like I have always had. I have external apps that open the links if I need this. I don't need that EN shows me embedded videos in my notes if I don't want this.

Is there a setting where I can turn this off? If so I haven't been able to find it.

Please help me. It looks like version 10 has brought a ton of problems to the user base. I have been an EN premium user for 10 years and this version has already caused me several problems that I have never had before since the start.

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