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Apologies in advance if this is basic but I am very new to Evernote.

When I carry out a search, the notes with hits are listed and the hits themselves are highlighted in yellow. However, is there a way to go directly to the hits? For long documents, simply scrolling through looking for highlights is inefficient. Also are the number of hits in any note listed anywhere?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi. Welcome to the Forums.  Depending on what device you're using,  and which version of Evernote (both items always useful to know when you post here again) you should be able to use Ctrl+F when you have selected a note body,  which will step you through all occurrences of the search term.

Likewise if you have a 'View' menu,  you may have an option "search information" which will show you how many notes were found containing that term.  There is no count of the number of terms however.

Search is quite a big subject - and the help pages may be partially rewritten by the recent launch of version 10 - but this may help:  Find what you need

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