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Our company is using Insightly as a CRM system which allows us to link Evernotes to contacts or opportunities. Unfortunately, when I upload an Evernote on Insightly, my colleagues then can't access it - they get a message saying "You do not have permission to see this note" (even if I have enabled a shareable link within Evernote). If my colleagues click on "View note in Evernote" they get redirected from Insightly to Evernote and get a message "Unable to Open the Note - This note link refers to a note that no longer exists" even though the note is still in my Evernote (and I haven't moved it to another notebook or anything like that). 

Insightly's support team believes this is an issue with Evernote's permission settings but are unable to help on that front.  Is there a way to adjust the note permission to fix this issue? 

Many thanks,


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