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Evernote Helper -- when making a screen clip, can I disable "new note" from being created automatically?

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I used to browse pages and screen-clip into the Evernote Helper at will.  Clip here, clip there, and the images just got stored right within the helper.  When I was ready, I would drag and drop individual cips right into any note I was working on.


Now, any clip I make triggers a new note being created.  This is totally not what I'm looking for from this feature.  Can that be disabled?

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This is exactly how I like to use this feature as well. It gives me control over clipping whatever I want and precisely placing it into any note that I'd like. 

With the new helper the fact that it automatically creates a new note completely breaks this workflow.

Like the legacy helper app, can we have screen clips just placed in the helper app and then the user can decide what to do with it?

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